The boldest decision
in your relationship.

Be warned. Clingy Gamesβ„’ is not for
the faint of heart. It is for couples who
are willing to go deep. Couples who are
willing to risk everything. Couples who
are willing to fall in love all over again.


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Pay with Multiple Credit Cards

90 Cards to connect
like never before.

Imagine each card as a catalyst, pushing
you both to delve into the depths of your
beings, confront your inner demons
together, embrace your vulnerabilities
as a duo, explore your joint origins, and
passionately pursue your combined dreams.

Sometimes, a little bit of spice is all you need.

Don't let your relationship become a casualty of the monotony. Break the cycle and find the spark again.

Shared Experiences

A must for any and all couples!

"Easily the best way for couples to get closer and understand each other better. It helped us dig beyond the surface and have some real conversations."

Lydia Filth


Super cool and intimate.

"Highly recommend for couples who are having a hard time with communicating with each other. My husband and I haven't connected like this in a long time and honestly, we didn't even realize how much we needed it"

Emily W.


These are perfect for dating.

"We play this game every so often to open up about things in our relationship. It encouraged deep conversations and brought us closer. I would recommend to any couple."

Jamie K.


I really enjoyed this game.

"This game is a great way to reconnect with your partner after a long day. It's a fun and easy way to get to know each other better."

Ciana D.


Loved answering these questions!

"So, we played this game for two nights straight, and wow, it went way beyond what we thought! I shared stuff I never thought I would, and it felt awesome."

Megan S.


Love it so much

"Easily the coolest gift I've ever received, it's like deep stuff that makes you feel all the feels! πŸ’•"

Jenny B.